Now what?

We returned a hung parliament. Theresa May ran the worst election campaign I have ever seen and lost a heap of seats. Her party’s place secured only by an exceptional campaign by Scottish Conservatives’ Ruth Davidson taking a dozen seats from the SNP. Damnit.

Mrs May seems determined to hang on at all costs, however. One of those costs is entering into a coalition of chaos with the DUP. Another cost is that we are now an international laughing-stock (more so than usual). I wonder how that is going to go down whenever we deign to send a delegation to the leaving-the-EU talks, which were supposed to be starting on Monday.

Apparently, both France and Germany have indicated that we can stay if we want to, even though we have invoked Article 50 and have issued a formal notice that we’re on the way out. Of course, I don’t expect our politicians to embrace this option, even as it becomes obvious that we’re going to end up with a shitty deal and people realise that they voted for a promise that was made of lies.

In other news, however, the Catholic Church in the US surprised everyone by not being fundamentalist pricks for once and inviting some gay people to a Mass presided over by Cardinal Joseph Tobin. Baby steps. By the heat-death of the universe, I may just about to be able to have a conversation with my gay friends about religion that doesn’t consist, mostly, of me telling them to forget the institutional church and focus on the person of Jesus Christ. I would love to say “come to Mass with me and feel the embrace not just of Jesus, but of his church too.” That day has not come yet, but it might.

And there I go, hoping again.

I’m such a sucker.

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